Phase1: All genes detected as TF_4 (106 genes).

Super Family:NAC
Query sequence of this family

Gene codeGene name ScoreE-value RAFLTransposon Mutants Microarray Genome map Alternative splicing check result
At5g53950 CUC2 (dbj|BAA19529.1) 571 e-163 MAP o
At5g61430 NAM, no apical meristem, - like protein 281 3e-76 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At5g07680 NAM (no apical meristem)-like protein 276 2e-74 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At5g39610 NAM / CUC2 - like protein 273 9e-74 RAFL MAP o
At2g24430 NAM (no apical meristem)-like protein 273 1e-73 RAFL MAP o
At5g18270 NAM (no apical meristem)-like protein 272 3e-73 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At3g15170 NAM-like protein 270 8e-73 MAP o
At3g04060 NAM-like protein (no apical meristem) 268 3e-72 RAFL MAP o
At1g61110 unknown protein 262 2e-70 RAFL MAP o
At3g29035 NAM-like protein (No Apical Meristem) 262 2e-70 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At5g17260 NAM (no apical meristem)-like protein 261 5e-70 MAP o
At1g79580 hypothetical protein 260 6e-70 Mutants MAP o
At1g69490 putative protein 260 6e-70 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At1g76420 unknown protein 260 9e-70 MAP o
At3g18400 organ separation protein, putative 260 1e-69 MAP o
At3g04070 NAM-like protein (no apical meristem) 259 2e-69 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At1g65910 257 5e-69 Mutants MAP o
At4g27410 unknown protein 257 6e-69 RAFL MAP o
At3g15500 putative jasmonic acid regulatory protein 256 1e-68 RAFL MAP o
At4g10350 NAM/NAP like protein 256 1e-68 MAP o
At1g01720 NAC domain protein, putative 256 1e-68 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At3g17730 hypothetical protein 256 2e-68 MAP o
At1g33280 hypothetical protein 255 4e-68 MAP o
At4g17980 NAM (no apical meristem) - like protein 254 6e-68 MAP o
At3g03200 NAM-like protein (no apical meristem) 252 2e-67 Mutants MAP o
At3g15510 putative jasmonic acid regulatory protein 252 2e-67 RAFL MAP o
At1g33060 NAC domain containing protein, putative 252 2e-67 MAP o
At1g77450 GRAB1-like protein 252 2e-67 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At1g52890 NAM-like protein 251 5e-67 RAFL MAP o
At1g12260 unknown protein 250 7e-67 Mutants MAP o
At4g36160 NAM like protein 250 9e-67 MAP o
At5g04410 putative protein 250 1e-66 RAFL MAP o
At5g08790 ATAF2 protein 249 2e-66 RAFL Mutants MAP Alternative splicing o
At4g35580 NAM / CUC2 -like protein 249 3e-66 RAFL MAP o
At5g46590 NAM-like 248 4e-66 MAP o
At2g18060 putative NAM (no apical meristem)-like protein 248 4e-66 MAP o
At3g10500 unknown protein 247 5e-66 RAFL MAP o
At5g63790 unknown protein 246 1e-65 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At1g62700 unknown protein 246 2e-65 Mutants MAP o
At2g46770 NAM (no apical meristem)-like protein 245 2e-65 RAFL MAP o
At5g66300 NAM (no apical meristem)-like protein 245 3e-65 MAP o
At1g26870 putative NAM protein 244 5e-65 Mutants MAP o
At5g62380 NAC - like protein 244 5e-65 MAP o
At3g10480 unknown protein 244 5e-65 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At5g24590 NAC2-like protein 242 2e-64 RAFL MAP o
At3g10490 unknown protein 241 4e-64 RAFL MAP o
At3g61910 NAM-like protein 241 6e-64 Mutants MAP o
At2g33480 putative NAM (no apical meristem)-like protein 241 6e-64 RAFL MAP o
At5g39820 NAC domain/ NAM like protein 240 1e-63 MAP o
At3g49530 NAC2-like protein 240 1e-63 RAFL MAP o
At1g32770 OsNAC7 protein, putative 240 1e-63 Mutants MAP o
At5g13180 NAM-like protein 239 1e-63 RAFL Mutants MAP Alternative splicing o
At1g54330 hypothetical protein 238 5e-63 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At1g71930 NAM-like protein 235 2e-62 MAP o
At1g56010 NAC1 235 3e-62 RAFL MAP o
At2g43000 NAM (no apical meristem)-like protein 234 4e-62 MAP o
At1g52880 NAM-like protein 234 6e-62 RAFL MAP o
At4g28530 NAM / CUC2 -like protein 230 7e-61 RAFL MAP o
At5g09330 putative protein 230 8e-61 RAFL MAP Alternative splicing o
At2g17040 NAM (no apical meristem)-like protein 225 2e-59 RAFL MAP o
At1g34190 putative protein 224 6e-59 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At1g34180 unknown protein 224 9e-59 MAP o
At5g64060 putative protein 222 3e-58 MAP o
At2g02450 NAM (no apical meristem)-like protein 221 5e-58 Mutants MAP o
At1g32510 unknown protein 215 3e-56 Mutants MAP o
At5g22290 NAM (no apical meristem)-like protein 212 3e-55 RAFL MAP o
At2g27300 NAM (no apical meristem)-like protein 212 4e-55 MAP o
At1g32870 putative No apical meristem (NAM) protein 210 8e-55 RAFL MAP o
At3g44290 putative protein 206 2e-53 MAP o
At5g04400 NAC2-like protein 202 4e-52 Mutants MAP o
At4g01550 putative NAM-like protein 200 1e-51 RAFL MAP o
At1g02240 hypothetical protein 198 4e-51 Mutants MAP o
At4g01520 putative NAM-like protein 190 1e-48 Mutants MAP o
At3g04420 unknown protein 190 1e-48 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At4g01540 putative NAM-like protein 185 3e-47 Mutants MAP o
At5g22380 NAC-domain protein-like 184 6e-47 RAFL MAP o
At5g64530 unknown protein 184 8e-47 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At1g02220 hypothetical protein 178 3e-45 Mutants MAP o
At1g02250 putative protein 177 1e-44 Mutants MAP o
At4g28500 predicted protein 170 1e-42 Mutants MAP o
At1g25580 unknown protein 170 2e-42 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At3g55210 NAM (no apical meristem) -like protein 169 3e-42 RAFL MAP o
At5g56620 putative protein 168 4e-42 MAP o
At4g29230 putative protein 168 5e-42 MAP o
At1g01010 NAC domain protein, putative 167 1e-41 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At3g44350 NAC domain -like protein 166 2e-41 Mutants MAP o
At5g50820 putative protein 165 3e-41 Mutants MAP o
At3g56530 NAM-like protein 165 4e-41 MAP o
At1g28470 unknown protein 164 6e-41 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At5g14490 putative protein 160 1e-39 MAP o
At3g01600 hypothetical protein 158 5e-39 Mutants MAP o
At5g14000 unknown protein 158 6e-39 RAFL MAP o
At1g60350 148 4e-36 Mutants MAP o
At1g60280 148 6e-36 MAP o
At1g60340 148 7e-36 Mutants MAP o
At1g60300 144 8e-35 MAP o
At3g56520 putative protein 144 8e-35 MAP o
At1g60380 140 1e-33 MAP o
At5g41090 putative protein 140 2e-33 MAP o
At3g04430 hypothetical protein 135 5e-32 MAP o
At3g56560 putative protein 116 1e-26 MAP o
At5g18300 putative protein 111 5e-25 MAP o
At1g60240 T13D8.13 109 3e-24 MAP o
At1g64100 hypothetical protein 101 4e-22 Mutants MAP o
At1g03490 hypothetical protein 101 7e-22 Mutants MAP o
At5g39690 putative protein 93 2e-19 MAP o
At1g19040 hypothetical protein 78 6e-15 Mutants MAP FP
At1g02210 hypothetical protein 75 5e-14 Mutants MAP FP
At3g04410 hypothetical protein 53 4e-07 Mutants MAP FP
FP: Did not dealt in recent review(s). It may be false positive of PSI-BLAST search. (This record is not included in total number of TF.)

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